Our team

JUDr. Ilona Černochová, LL.M.

Together with Jan, I founded Realitní advokáti. I specialize in real estate purchase agreements. I work every day to ensure that our office documents are of the highest professional standard. At the same time, clients need to understand them. Our goal is not to hide behind non-committal legal language but to make life easier for clients and solve their problems. That is the only way clients are satisfied, come back to us and recommend us to their friends.

Mgr. Jan Zajíček

Together with Ilona, ​​Jan is a founding partner of Realitní advokáti. He is an experienced specialist in real estate purchase agreements and other areas of real estate law. Clients appreciate his empathy, fair approach, unprecedented precision, and his ability to explain everything very clearly. He is an excellent negotiator.

Mgr. Tereza Maňáková

Tereza has already helped many clients in various areas of law with more than six years of experience. As a result, she can expertly combine her knowledge of real estate law with a complex solution of complicated cases. She specializes mainly in purchase agreements, and you can meet her in person in Brno and the surrounding area.

Mgr. Šárka Kulhavá

Šárka is an experienced real estate advocate who is precise in every detail. She focuses on purchase agreements for houses, apartments or land, lease agreements, HOA, housing associations, and other problems. Clients appreciate her incredible drive, which ensures that even complicated (and usually lengthy) cases progress very quickly towards a successful solution under her guidance.

Mgr. Alice Císařová

Alice is an absolutely precise lawyer with a great sense of detail, which she can use perfectly, especially when working on real estate purchase agreements and lawyer‘s escrow. She has completed many, often very complex, cases, including the pre-emption right. Her results can be really relied on.

JUDr. Jitka Šejharová

Jitka is an experienced advocate, a significant part of her agenda has always been purchase and lease agreements for end clients and real estate agencies. She has experience with development projects, contracts between legal entities or in SVJ matters. She can help you perfectly in representation in court, whether in enforcing performance of contracts to, for example, insolvency proceedings of SVJ and others.

Ing. Dana Rambousková
Office manager

Dana is in charge of client case administration. She helps to ensure the security and quick settlement of lawyer‘s escrow, invoicing, and many other necessary activities important for client satisfaction.

Martina Gottlieb
Administrative Assistant

Martina is an administrative support of the whole team. She enjoys her work and always welcomes you with a smile on her face. She is in charge of preparing contracts for signing, reserves a meeting room and prepares good coffee. Last but not least, she enjoys organizing, arranging and coordinating everything and everyone. And she never spoils any fun.

Mgr. Michaela Divišová
Marketing Assistant

Míša helps us especially with the administration and marketing activities of our office, for example with editing articles, researches, thanks to her we finally managed to start publishing our long-planned newsletter.

Klára Kawuloková

Klára helps us with administration, such as preparations for signing. She is also a great help in fulfilling the numerous obligations that we have with the implementation of custody of the purchase price when buying or selling real estate.

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