Legal services relating to real estate

We have above-standard insurance of professional liability. We are insured for the amount of 100 million CZK, including the loss of money. Escrows with us are therefore very safe.
We offer complete legal services in the field of real estate law. Choose from real estate services packages – houses, apartments and land. Do not hesitate to contact me for detailed information.

Price of legal services

Our prices are pre-agreed. The remuneration is set at an hourly rate of 3,800 CZK/hour with an indication of the maximum price for the first – usually the most time-consuming action (1st draft or review of contracts, analysis of the situation, etc.). You will find discounted prices in Service Packages. We do not charge an initial telephone consultation within 10 minutes.

Transfers – purchase and sale of real estate (apartments, houses, land)

  • preparation or review of complete documentation
  • my contracts are unconditionally accepted by banks
  • negotiating terms with the counterparty
  • real estate legal due diligence
  • personal assistance with signing contracts, signature authentication
  • application for entry into the land register

Mortgage agreements, easements, enforcement of a money judgment

  • preparing, commenting on and negotiating the terms of contracts
  • solution of complicated transfers (liens, enforcement of a money judgment, etc.)

Lease agreements

  • lease agreements for apartments
  • lease agreements for commercial premises

Legal service for real estate agencies

  • brokerage agreements
  • reservation agreements
  • purchase agreements
  • lawyer’s escrow
  • signature authentication
  • preparation of application for entry into the land register

Training for Real Estate Agencies

  • law (the basics) for real estate agents
  • GDPR in real estate
  • AML and real estate agencies

Legal Services for the HOA

  • establishment, statutes
  • property owner’s declaration
  • other legal agenda

Legal services for housing associations

  • establishment, statutes
  • other legal agenda
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